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Features Article

Proposed Amendment to California Consumer Privacy Act Would Exclude Employees 

By Sean Paisan, Ogletree Deakins

As the January 1, 2020, effective date for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) draws closer, California lawmakers are still attempting to refine the law. In the latest proposed amendment, Assembly Bill 25, employees and job applicants are specifically excluded from the definition of “consumer” under the CCPA. Read More


NCHR-SD Member Spotlight

Every month NCHR-SD will turn the spotlight on a member making an impact and exemplify excellence in the field of Human Resources.

This month we are happy to feature Cristina Orozco - someone we feel you should get to know.

Spotlight on Cristina Orozco


Upcoming Events

May Luncheon

Wednesday May 8, from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Hot Trends and Hot Topics Round Robin

This exciting round table session will have the following experts discussing some of the hottest trends and topics related to human capital and the human resources industry. You will have an opportunity to learn from each speaker's expertise as you rotate tables and each hot topic. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with other HR professionals in a small group setting where you can interact on the trends and topics directly.


  • Vaping in the Workplace with Dr. Randall Browning
  • Recent Development in Wage and Hour Law with Chris Olmsted
  • Business Intelligence and Human Capital with Michael Valenzano
  • Self-Insurance Options with Alissa Vigganelli
  • HR Cyber Security with Reza Palizban

About the Speakers: 

Randall Browning, M.D., M.P.H. - Chief Medical Officer at Work Partners

Dr. Browning has over 25 years of experience in Occupational Medicine and is the Chief Medical Officer for WorkPartners Occupational Health Specialists. He has numerous peer-reviewed publications in the fields of Occupational Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Toxicology. Learn More 

Chris Olmsted is an attorney and shareholder with the law firm Ogletree Deakins.

Mr. Olmsted provides employment law compliance counseling to businesses. His practice also focuses on the defense of employers in a variety of legal matters, including state and federal court litigation, administrative claims filed with the Labor Commissioner, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the EEOC, and the Employment Development Department.

Michael Valenzano, Founding Partner of Equal Part

A creative, concise, and thoughtful communicator, Michael Valenzano has spent the last 15 years refining a unique and fresh approach toward helping organizations solve cultural and operational pain points. Learn More

Alissa Vigganelli, Vice President, Benefits Division at HUB International

Alissa focuses her energy on consulting with current clients, meeting potential clients and managing the employee benefits account team in the Carlsbad office of HUB International.  Learn More

Reza Palizban, Co-Founder of Aegis Innovators

A leading expert on cybersecurity, Reza Palizban, co-founder of Aegis Innovators, will facilitate a robust discussion on what HR professionals must do to protect HR data. Learn More


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Upcoming Luncheon Topics

June - Let Your Emotional Intelligence do the Talking

July - Legal Update


May Leadership Roundtable

May 16th from 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Leader As Coach: How the Best Leaders Develop Others

Questions we will explore:

How do leaders bring out the best in others? 

How can a leader be an empathizer? 

What can we learn from neuroscience about how the brain processes information and the role of mindfulness and attending to develop others? 

Dr. Steve Romano will share research and best practices to stimulate thinking and to connect with and inspire others. He will introduce two key models: ACS – assess, challenge, and support, and the Triple Loop Listening model, to lead holistically, and promote cultures of empowerment and accountability. Knowing that individuals are always a part of a larger context, listening is the gateway for better decision-making and effective leadership.

Please join us for an engaging conversation with Steve and your colleagues, and leave with practical tips to bring out the best in others.


Steve Romano, Ph.D. Managing Director, Olistica, Center for Sustainable Leadership 

Steve is a professor, facilitator, speaker and coach with extensive  corporate experience and applied expertise.

Newer thinking around leadership is the leader-coach whose job is to connect with, inspire and challenge others to be and bring their best for individual, team and organizational peak performance.


Upcoming Leadership Round Topics

June - Team Communication: A Tool That Really Works For Managers


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