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Recap of NCHR-SD's December Event

NCHR-SD 2018 Holiday Party

NCHR-SD would like to thank you for attending our Annual Holiday Party celebrating each of you while giving back to our community through the Toys 4 Tots program. HR professionals like you are truly valuable to our developing HR society.

Through your generous donations of gifts and money towards the raffle prize drawing, we were able to collect for the Toys 4 Tots program:

  • $1000 in Cash
  • Over 75 Toys

This was well above our goal and the Toys 4 Tots program is greatly appreciative to all of our generous donations.

We truly hope that you had fun and we hope that we will continue to see you again this year for our upcoming programs. 

We appreciate your participation throughout the year and look forward to seeing all of you in the New Year!


Upcoming Events

January Luncheon

Wednesday January 9, from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Achieving Harmony: Balancing Your Personal, Family, and Business Lives

Do You Feel Overwhelmed and Stretched Too Thin?  Are You Late to Your Kids Choir Performances or Soccer Games?  Are You ‘Leading Your Day’ or is the ‘Urgent of the Day’ Leading You?

Today, we have unprecedented access to products, tools, and information that are supposed to make our lives better. So why are we still struggling to achieve more harmony and balance in our lives?

You will be exposed to a road map and five street proven principles that will show you that is possible to have not only a thriving professional career, but also have the time you need for a very fulfilling personal life. The best part is that you can bring these principles into your business to help your employees achieve more balance and harmony.

About the Speaker:  Marc Koehler has 30+ years of life’s leadership experiences including US Navy Submarine Officer, Interim CEO, Entrepreneur, Husband, Father, and soccer coach.  He is President of Lead With Purpose, a company that provides tools and best practices that help people lead more purposeful and inspiring lives. 

He is also the author of Leading With Purpose, an award winning book that thousands of leaders have used to create their own engaged and empowered team that collectively drives success, solves problems, and manages change. Click here for more information and Marc's bio.



January Leadership Round

January 17th from 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Leadership Roundtable Annual Planning

Come join us for one of our most robust NCHR-SD Leadership Council events.

In 2018 the Roundtable grew in rigor and numbers because HR professionals committed their interest, energy, and wisdom to ensure worthwhile learning at each meeting. 

Come join the planning for 2019 so that our investment of time and resources benefits every North County HR leader who becomes part of this learning community.  Leadership Council is a unique venue and we want to ensure its value to each participant. Bring your ideas and a colleague!



February Luncheon

Wednesday February 13, from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Packaged for Success

As HR Professionals and Leaders we need to constantly "Package" ourselves and our teams for SUCCESS. 

Join Haydee to be EDU-tained and discover Practical Smartcuts  to:

  • Develop a Stand–Out Personal Brand.
  • Evolve for Impact and Reset for Relevance.
  • Elevate your Online Brand.
  • Create Memorable Interactions.
  • Project a "2019" Look and Image.
If you are a ready to empower yourself and your teams to:
  • Create New Opportunities.
  • Increase Visibility and Credibility.
  • Radiate a Powerful Presence.
  • Elevate your Personal and Company Brand Reputation.
  • Boost Revenue.
Don’t miss this session! 

Click here for information on Packaged for Success     

    About the Speaker: 

    Haydee Antezana, Professional Impressions Expert, Global Speaker, Best-Selling Author 

    For 21 years, Haydee has empowered leaders and professionals in Fortune 500 companies to be “Packaged For Success.” She has also coached celebrities, Miss World and Miss Universe.
    Her latest book ranked no.1 international Amazon bestseller in 11 categories.


    • Practical and Relevant. You will walk thinking “that was really applicable for me.”
    • Thought-provoking content. As a global expert and CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)she shares unique, cutting-edge insights.
    • An Energizing Experience. Her INFO-tainment style guarantees you'll be engaged, have fun and a memorable time.
    • Inspiring. Half-Spanish/Half-Bolivian - Passion and energy are in her DNA! Impossible to walk away uninspired. 

    Haydee Antezana Bio    



    SDEA PHR/SPHR Program

    10 week program

    Fridays from March 1st - May 3rd  

    We are excited to announce that SDEA’s PHR/SPHR Certification Prep Program starts on March 1st!

    Are you wanting to take the next step in your HR career? Are you planning to get PHR®/SPHR® certified and ​just need some support in preparing for the exam? 

    SDEA's PHR®/SPHR® Certification Prep Program is just what you need!

    Designed by subject-matter experts, this program's curriculum covers the HR Certification Institute Body of Knowledge and includes application exercises that develop specific competencies and decision-making skills. 

    Course materials correspond to the 6 functional responsibilities and associated knowledge defined by the HR Certification Institute:

    • Business Management 
    • Workforce Planning and Employment
    • Human Resource Development 
    • Compensation and Benefits
    • Employee and Labor Relations
    • Risk Management

    Click here to learn more. 

    *SDEA members receive a $50 discount on their HRCI certification exam!



    Work/Life Balance in the Modern Era (Infographic) 

    By Cynthia Lopez and NowSourcing

    Is work/life balance possible? Finding the perfect balance between work and leisure can be hard, but it’s definitely possible. You don’t want to slack off at work, but you also don’t want to push your family and home life to the side. Work/Life Balance Infographic


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